Translation Institute


International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts (IITBT)

Mission Statement:

In consonance with the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua’s aim of translating the Buddhist canon (Tripitaka) into the languages of the world, the International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts (IITBT) offers training and opportunities for individuals talented in languages to deepen their understanding of the Buddha’s teachings through participating in a collaborative process of translating Buddhist texts. The Institute approaches canonical texts as guides to spiritual practice, and hence also provides a space for translators to gain insight into the texts by interacting with dedicated Buddhist practitioners and participating in a variety of Buddhist practices.

Structure and Programs:

The IITBT is committed to providing an open forum that incorporates study, practice, and service. In addition to organizing translation projects, the Institute also offers a rigorous training program providing students with the attention and training they need to become skilled translators and interpreters.

* Completion of IITBT programs does not confer any formal academic or vocational degree of certificate. Completion of any course in the program does not confer any transferable unit. Please refer to Academic section for information about DRBU's academic programs.