DRBU Student Clubs

DRBU students continue to supplement their rigorous academic schedule by participating in a variety of clubs and activities.

The Chinese Speaking Club organizes a gathering to learn conversational Chinese, held every Friday morning. Students, faculty, staff, and community members have great fun learning and practicing Mandarin as well as investigating aspects of Chinese culture. 

The Three Treasures Tea Club hosts regular gatherings every Monday afternoon, where students get together and practice tea brewing and drinking. Tea has a profound relationship with herbal medicine, world history, and philosophy, all of which provide rich topics for conversation. In October, the club president spoke about tea at a TedX conference in Sedona. In November, the club shared their passion and knowledge regarding tea with attendees of the San Francisco International Tea Festival at the Ferry Building.

The Elegant Gatherings Guqin Club offers a unique opportunity for DRBU students to study one of China’s classical scholarly arts by learning to play the guqin, a seven-string instrument of the zither family. Through practicing, students develop deep listening skills, which allow them to play music from a deeper understanding of themselves. This semester, the Guqin Club held its first yaji (recital gathering) at the new DRBU building. Over 50 people attended from the CTTB community, Ukiah, and the Bay Area.

The newly formed Interfaith Club holds events to facilitate the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of world religions. It was inspired by Master Hua’s teaching that harmony among religions is a first step towards harmony among nations, and essential for a just and peaceful world. The club’s first event featured a mixed-media art project, in which participants created pieces significant to their own spiritual journey and shared their inspiration with the group. The second event centered on devotional music from the religions represented by those attending.