"Wholehearted" Commemorative Tea

The plum flower, as depicted on this specially prepared cake of tea, blooms in late winter and is a harbinger of spring and renewal. Red blossoms create a vibrant contrast to the white snow, their fragrance permeating the air even in the coldest conditions. Thus the saying from the Chan tradition:

"If the plum tree did not endure
                            cold that chills to the bone,  
            how could the fragrance of its 
                             blossoms be so sweet?"
The plum tree is a symbol of hope, strength through adversity, and beauty. Similarly, students at DRBU are flowering in their B.A. and M.A. study programs. They and the wider community are enriched through DRBU's many events, lectures, and retreats. These efforts are years in the making, a flowering of the kindness and vision of our founder, the late Chan Master Hsuan Hua, as well as students of his who helped found our University.
The DRBU spirit is captured by the Chinese calligraphy for 一心, which means "wholehearted." Students are supported on the difficult journey of uncovering their innate wisdom in tandem with compassion. Hand in hand, mind in heart, we all flourish together. And we invite you to share in this journey, by enjoying this tea yourself.
DRBU offers a special thanks to David Wong of Tranquil Resonance Studio for painting the plum tree and calligraphy that decorate the wrapper of this commemorative tea cake, as well as DRBU's Three Treasures Tea club president Ken Cannata for producing it.
Deep gratitude is also extended to the renowned 97-year-old master Fu Wen Yan, for writing the calligraphy 法界佛教大學 for "Dharma Realm Buddhist University," also used on the wrapper.