Evening lecture and Q&A with Venerable Ming Hai from China

Photo from: http://www.dharmaforest.community/2009/12/visit-to-bailin-monastery-in-hebei.html
October 12, 2015

Applied Buddhism in the Modern World and Chinese Chan and Western Zen: Buddhist Solutions to Global Problems in the 21st Century.

Monday Oct 12, 2015
DRBU Conference room

Join us on Monday night for a special lecture from Venerable Ming Hai from China and Reverend Heng Sure.

Lecture description:

How is the ancient tradition of Zen meditation, now a world-wide phenomenon, adapting to the challenges of the 21st century in China and in North America? Come hear Venerable Ming Hai, from China and Rev. Heng Sure from America, both third-generation disciples of the late Master Xuyun (Empty Cloud), a renowned Chan Master, join in intra-Buddhist, intercultural conversation.

Buddhism is experiencing a renaissance in mainland China, yet unprecedented wealth and access to Western technology focuses China’s modern generation on acquiring material things. Venerable Ming Hai, a Chinese monk from Bailin Monastery in Hebei, will talk about teaching meditation in China during a time when iPhones and the internet are popular imports from the West. Rev. Heng Sure, an American monk from the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, will comment on Chan Buddhism’s encounter in North America with the culture of rugged individualism, handgun violence and instant gratification of desires.

The two monks will discuss Chan Buddhism’s response to global challenges: whether wisdom and compassion can inspire humanity towards harmony, mutual trust and sustainable stewardship of the planet.

Ven. Ming Hai's bio:

Bailin Chan Monastery, Zhao Xian, Hebei, China 

Academic Achievements: Bachelor Degree in Philosophy at Peking University, China in 1991 

Professional Honors:  Dharma Lineage of the 45th generation of Linji Sect in 2002

                                   Abbot of Bailin Chan Monastery, 2004 to present

                                   Director of Hebei Buddhist Association, 2013 to present

                                   Deputy Director of Hebei Buddhist Association, 2004 - 2013 

Religious Activities: Ven. Ming Hai ordained as a Buddhist Bhikshu (monk) at White Horse Monastery, Luoyang, Henan, China in 1993.  He met his Teacher, Ven. Master Jinghui (long time attendant of Ven Master Xuyun and received the Dharma Linage of the five sects), and took Refuge under him in 1990. Ven Ming Hai is one of the pioneer young graduates of Peking University to receive full ordination in Mahayana tradition of Chinese Buddhism in 1993 in China.

Personal Data:  Born in 1968 in Hubei, China

                         Speak Chinese and English