Book Release - Responsible Living: Explorations in Applied Buddhist Ethics

April 24, 2018
Location: DRBU’s Sudhana Center, at 225 S Hope Street in downtown Ukiah
Time: 7:45pm
Free and open to the public
As Earth Day approaches, Dharma Realm Buddhist University and the Buddhist Text Translation Society are delighted to announce a new publication by Dharma Realm Buddhist University’s Chancellor Emeritus, Dr. Ron Epstein, Ph.D.  Responsible Living: Explorations in Applied Buddhist Ethics - Animals, Environment, GMOs, Digital Media is a collection of exploratory essays which uses applied Buddhist ethics, with support from passages in classic Buddhist texts, to address a host of modern day issues related to the environment, animal rights, and digital media.  To commemorate Dr. Epstein’s new book, there will be a talk and book signing at DRBU’s Sudhana Center, at 225 S Hope Street in downtown Ukiah, on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:45pm. This event is free and open to the community.

In Responsible Living, Dr. Epstein describes how outer environmental and social problems mirror humanity’s inner struggle with selfishness, greed, and desire.  By connecting to Buddhist concepts such as compassion, causation, and moral precepts to these issues, this collection of essays provides guidance to Buddhists for ethical conduct in the modern world.  In the early pages of the book, he shares that, “From being inspired by the Venerable Master, the writings contained in this volume also represent my own struggle to broaden my understanding of the Buddhadharma, trying to see how it can be practically applied to very real and concrete problems of contemporary life.  The Buddhadharma is not restricted to the confines of Buddhist temples or monasteries, to a particular culture or cultures, or to ancient times, but is a relevant and useful tool for the understanding of our most important current issues and challenges, no matter when and where they occur.  The essays contained in this volume and are intended as examples of this kind of use of the Buddhadharma.”

The new book begins with a foreword by Venerable Ajahn Pasanno, Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley, California, and also one of the senior most Western monastic disciples of the Venerable Ajahn Chah of the Thai Forest tradition.  He states that, “The consistent result of those who put the teachings of the Lord Buddha into practice is not indifference but a pro-active compassion that is concerned for the welfare of the world with all its beings.  The internal wisdom that is cultivated provides the skill in acting externally in the world with both discernment and kindness...With increasing distance from our natural world and environment, we have to look to spiritual support to establish ourselves in clarity, as it is only clear view that can hold the ecological problems skillfully and respond in an appropriate way.  It is my hope that these essays will help people look for and find solutions.”

Dr. Epstein began his study and practice of Buddhism at the age of 24 under the direction of the Venerable Master in the 1960s shortly after the Master arrived in San Francisco.  Prior to this collection of essays, Dr. Epstein worked as one of the principal translators of the newly translated Shurangama Sutra in English. He has written extensively on the contemporary application of Buddhism and Buddhist ethics, and also co-sponsored legislation in northern California which banned for the first time the growing of GMO crops on a county-wide basis.  

Responsible Living is available in paperback at the CTTB bookstore, and online at, Amazon (, Amazon UK, Amazon AU, Amazon BR, Amazon JP, and Amazon MX.  Ebook versions are scheduled to be released in July.
We look forward to sharing more with you about this release!