Awakin Call with Doug Powers

April 15, 2017

Awakin will host DRBU Professor Doug Powers on this week's online conference call at 9:00 AM PDT. Awakin Calls are organized by, a project of Service Space. According to their website, Awakin Calls are a weekly conference call that anyone from around the world can dial into. It is completely free, without any ads or solicitation. Each call features a unique theme and an inspiring guest speaker, with the simple hope of spreading positive ideas and connecting kindred spirits. 

The theme: Cultivating and teaching freedom

Doug Powers has been on a lifelong quest to cultivate freedom, and to help others in that quest through teaching. He has come to the belief that true freedom is not the freedom to act on one's desires, but freedom from the mind's habit patterns that bind us to those desires. What is the freedom you seek, and in what circumstances do you feel like you're in bondage?

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