Rules of Residence

Full-time BA degree students at DRBU are required to live on campus unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students. Campus housing is available to all students. Students living in dormitories should abide by the following rules:

• Residents are required to live in the housing provided and in their assigned rooms only. The Office of Campus Life may reassign students to different housing based on community needs.

• All residence fees must be paid in full, and all past-due bills must be paid before a room or residence is occupied. Keys are issued at the beginning of the semester and must be returned before completion of check-out. No sharing or duplication of keys is permitted.

• Student residence fees cover only the time when classes are in session. Other arrangements must be made for term and vacation breaks. Residence fees are subject to change at the beginning of each term. 

• No pets are allowed in dormitories or anywhere on campus grounds.

• Students are responsible for keeping their dwelling places clean and neat. No screws, nails, tape, or the like may be used on the walls or other surfaces of the room, and no furniture removed, unless approved by the Residential Coordinator.

• An atmosphere of study should be maintained in all dormitories. Music and other media are to be kept at a low volume so as not to disturb one’s neighbors.

• No cooking is allowed in dormitory rooms. Students may use dormitory kitchens. Food and cooking utensils are not to be taken from the main kitchen or dining hall.

• Electrical appliances including irons, toasters, heaters (except when special permission is granted), hot plates, rice cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, and so forth, as well as candles, kerosene or oil lamps, incense, and other flammable materials may not, due to fire hazard, be used in individual rooms.

• Students must apply for parking with the Office of Campus Life and park in designated areas.​