Students Reaping Benefits From DRBU Tutoring Program

DRBU wants to make sure that every student has the individual support needed to make the most of the university experience. The Academic Resource Center offers programs and services that support student learning and promote academic achievement in a number of areas, including its career services, disability services, cohort mentoring, and tutoring. A team of writing instructors is available to assist students with assignments. These tutors meet individually with students in the Writing Lab to help them refine and revise their papers. Students can also attend drop-in hours at the Writing Lab to receive last-minute help. In addition to meeting individually with students, tutors regularly meet as a group to discuss student progress and share ideas about helpful strategies. They also confer with faculty members to learn more about the texts students are reading, goals for student papers, and faculty suggestions for areas of improvement in their students’ writing. Students have high praise for their tutors, including one who “helped me tremendously in my writing” and another who “was AMAZING! Two thumbs up!”