DRBU Commencement, May 19, 2017

  • Commencement speaker, Dr. Jacob Needleman
  • Graduates enjoy commencement ceremony as they wait to receive diplomas
  • DRBU President Susan Rounds performs ceremonial moving of the tassel

Congratulations to DRBU's graduating students! In a ceremony held in DRBU's Sudhana Center in Ukiah, California, seven were awarded a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Classics.

The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Jacob Needleman, renowned scholar-philosopher and Professor at San Francisco State University. Dr. Needleman encouraged the audience to join in reflecting on such questions as, “What is uniquely human” and “What is up to me?”

One benefit of DRBU's small class size is that each graduate had an opportunity to share thoughts with the audience. One stated, “In the Sila chapter of Nagarjuna’s book on the Six Paramitas, he . . . said that through practicing the moral precepts, one is able to meet good people. Through meeting good people, one develops wisdom. . . The importance of meeting good people and how it's through those connections and relationships that one is able to develop wisdom, really struck me as true to my experience at DRBU.”

Graduate Connie Luong commented, “These two years have been the best years of schooling I’ve experienced. The texts, my professors, classmates, and environment all contributed to making my experience spiritually and academically fun and enriching. We are taught ways to make sutras come alive in our minds and bodies.”