Sustaining and Growing DRBU

With the launch of its recently redesigned B.A. and M.A. programs, and as it advances toward formal accreditation, DRBU is juggling two major tasks: providing a high-quality education to existing students and planning for significant expansion of its student body, faculty, and campus facilities.

In short, the University must give full energy to the present while keeping an eye on the future. Two funding streams will support these efforts: the Annual Fund and the University Endowment.

Annual Fund

Gifts to DRBU's Annual Fund are a vital source of current-use, unrestricted funding. Gifts go to support academic programs, enrich student life, and meet pressing needs and core priorities. DRBU sets an Annual Fund goal for each fiscal year based on its minimum operational targets. Gifts to this fund—no matter the size—have a real impact.

University Endowment

The University Endowment will provide a perpetual source of support for DRBU and its mission. Endowment assets are invested for the long term in order to maximize return and sustainability.

Donors may designate gifts to the endowment for specific purposes, such as to fund professorships, scholarships, buildings, and other things that advance the University’s mission. Endowment gifts are vital to ensuring that DRBU will continue to be a beacon of scholarly and spiritual endeavor for many generations to come.

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