Investing in DRBU Faculty

DRBU’s faculty embodies the university’s spirit of academic excellence and commitment to self-cultivation and spiritual inquiry. Faculty members hail from a variety of backgrounds. Some dedicated decades to studying Buddhism and other world philosophies, in some cases as monastics. Others pursued a more traditional academic path at elite universities, in the sciences or liberal arts.

What DRBU’s faculty members have in common is a commitment to making the most of one’s human potential and to a pedagogical model that emphasizes activating inherent wisdom rather than merely transferring knowledge. With DRBU's small class sizes, faculty members make themselves unusually available to students for personalized instruction.

Giving to DRBU’s Annual Fund helps supports faculty. DRBU faculty agree to work for a fraction of what they could earn elsewhere. Faculty salaries nevertheless remains one of the largest line items on the DRBU annual budget. By investing in DRBU’s faculty, you help define the University’s spirit, advance scholarship, and attract additional high-quality hires.

Giving to DRBU's Endowment Fund helps support faculty. The University’s Endowment Fund provides a perpetual source of support for DRBU and its mission. Gifts to the endowment may be designated to fund professorships and other specific and relevant purposes.

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